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Mark Wahlberg Clears Up Rumors About His Crazy Morning Routine: ‘No Hour-and-a-Half Shower’

Mark Wahlberg is setting the record straight about his super intense morning routine.

The 47-year-old actor gave a breakdown of his fitness schedule in an interview with Sunday Today, released ahead of time exclusively to PEOPLE.


“There’s no hour and a half shower. There’s no more hot water,” he tells his interviewer, Willie Geist, pointing out that the document on hand was incorrect. “I probably take about a five to seven minute shower.”

Then, when Geist, 43, asks about his 2:30 a.m. wake up call, Wahlberg insists that he can’t get up later because “it’s taking an hour and a half, an hour and 45 minutes to do the workout. I got to get up, do my prayers and stuff before that, eat breakfast, do my training, then do all my reading and stuff for work.”

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg/Instagram

The Ted actor also disclosed that despite his obsession with cryotherapy chambers — a small room or pod kept at below freezing temperatures to help your body recover from intense workouts — he doesn’t have one in his home.


“I go to the U.S. cryo chamber,” he explained. “Because I was promoting it so much, they wanted to give me one, but it’s like a giant condenser. I’m like, where am I going to put that?”

Mark Wahlberg
Greg Doherty/Getty

Wahlberg shared some of the biological necessities of using a cryo chamber on Ellen in early September. His preferred temperature is 150 degrees below zero, and he walks around and listens to music for three minutes, the maximum amount experts will allow.

He also told the comedian and talk show host that there’s another facility in Columbus, Ohio, he tried, and it gets so cold that he was required to cover his nipples before entering.

 Always curious, DeGeneres, 60, asked him about how “his stuff” survives the temperature, and he responded, “It shrivels up a little. It’s okay, it comes back to normal,” before adding that the cold removes inflammation and can improve sleep.

Wahlberg’s full interview on Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist airs Sunday at 8 a.m. ET on NBC.

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