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Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Food, Family and Wanting a ‘Ton of Kids’

With two kids, a flourishing cooking career and a gig on Lip Sync Battle, Chrissy Teigen has a lot going on. But that won’t stop her from expanding her family with EGOT-winner John Legend.

“John wants however many kids I want. That’s the good thing with John—he is down for it,” says Teigen, 32, who is already mom to daughter Luna, 2, and son Miles, 4 months, while sitting down with PEOPLE for the cover of this week’s issue. “Are we ready right now? No! I really love having two, but I think when I’m 70, I’ll look back and say, ‘Oh, I wish I had more.’ I can’t see myself regretting having a ton of kids.”

It’s a sentiment that the people around her fully support. “I always knew she was going to be an amazing mom,” says celebrity hairstylist and founder of OUAI Haircare Jen Atkin, Teigen’s close friend. “I hope she has nine or 10 kids because she’s just so good at it.”

Making Teigen’s dreams of a big family a reality is something that will take planning. After struggling with infertility, she became pregnant with both Luna and Miles via in vitro fertilization.

Ari Michelson

“Miles was actually made at the same time as Luna,” says the model, who will release her first serving and cookware collection at Target on Sept. 30. “They were sharing the same little petri dish together. It’s crazy.” And with a number of embryos left “on ice,” there are more siblings to-be waiting when the time is right.

If she were to conceive naturally, though, “it’d be awesome,” she says. “I can’t even fathom it because it’s never happened to me. I’m totally fine with it not happening because I’ve been in a position where we’ve been able to control it—the timing and scheduling. It would be chaos otherwise—but I love chaos too.”

Ari Michelson

For now, she’s happy to have added a sibling to her family of cookbooks with the release of Cravings: Hungry for More. Following the success of her 2016 bestselling cookbook Cravings, Teigen wanted the new book to be “lighter and brighter but still nice and hearty,” she says. And naturally, motherhood had an influence on the dishes inside.

“I was more accepting of cutting some corners, and that has to come from having two kids now. I was wanting to put together a meal that John and I could eat together but not be exhausted from making it,” she says. “So a lot of the recipes are a bit quicker and have fewer ingredients. It’s like, ‘Wow, you can tell she’s at a different point in her life when she did this.’ ”

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